Connie. England. K-Pop. I found some Asian boys online once and then this happened...

What pretty much all kpop stans are going through…


He was one of them….

I think Block B has a special relationship with our fans. They make fun of us sometimes but so do we. I think it’s special. We are like our fans and our fans are like us. I think in the end, I’ll end up marrying a fan. That person will love all of me. —Zico [Block B] (via duizhangsoo)

[RANTS] In EXO’s MAMA and OVERDOSE music videos, there’s a part that tao has to do the backflip.

In martial arts, backflip is 360-degree, the basic force is on the waist, you have to loose your waist so that you can open the limbs when you’re flipping. At that time, all the inertial forces will be poured into your entire feet or even your heels. Doing backflip needs extreme concentration, no matter if you have ten years’ experience in martial arts, if you don’t concentrate enough, you will get hurt, or even get dislocation.

And here we have backflip as a part of the choreo, it means tao has to back flip whenever EXO performs until the era is over (or probably until EXO disbands). And don’t forget, he not only has to do the backflip, but also the dancing.

So yeah SM you’re cool :-)

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